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What is Document Archiving and Why is...

Document Archiving is a vital records management process that businesses and their employees should be familiar with. The consequences of not understanding your businesses archiving processes poses serious problems in the future. So lets set the record straight – What is Document Archiving? Document archiving is the process by which paper documents are securely stored for long periods of time […]

10 documents you need to digitize now...

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It’s important to keep all your documents. Birth Certificates Will & Trust Drivers license and social security card Car or House title Mortgage or other loan documents Legal agreements Lease agreements Work contracts Tax returns (up to 7 years) Receipts (especially for big purchases) Insurance policies Paystubs

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Top 5 reasons to digitize your files

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Toshiba Launches 10TB Enterprise Capa...

Toshiba's new 10 terabyte hard drive

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation today announced the addition of an 10-terabyte SATA model to its MG06 series of 3.5-inch enterprise capacity class hard disk drives (HDD). Shipments start from today. The continuing progress of digitization, most recently the quickening expansion of IoT and the increasing reliance on cloud services means that more information […]

How to email large files

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Have you ever tried to email a file to someone only to discover that your mail service tells you it’s too big? Bummer, but it’s not uncommon. Most email services and software restrict the size of file attachments. For example, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other webmail services limit the size of an attached file to […]

The Future is digital, but why paper ...

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While spending 3 years working in Silicone Valley, I kept hearing the idea that paper would one day disappear. This is due in large part to many organizations and businesses going digital with their contracts, copies, and general paperwork. In fact, the U.S. Post Office has been feeling the effects of a dramatic decline in revenues […]

Christine Banks, CCLS – Legal S...

Christine Banks, CCLS – Legal Secretary at Nationwide Insurance & FCLPA Governor

“I have complete trust in Valley Document Solutions!”

Gregory Miskulin, Attorney & Fir...

Gregory Miskulin, Attorney & Firm Administrator

“Dowling Aaron Inc. has been using VDS for our legal copying needs since their company was founded. They always go the extra mile to turn around projects quickly and accurately, often under short time constraints. Their service is top notch.”

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